Sunday, February 19, 2006

On November 23th 1977 ABBA were in Holland to perform at the show Een Van de Acht with Mies Bouwman which was a very popular show.
ABBA performed their current hit Money Money Money, Dancing Queen and Why Did It Have To Be Me.
Dancing Queen would become the number 1 hit for 1976 in Holland; 5 weeks number 1 and an added 5 weeks in the top 10 made it the best selling Dutch single for 1976.
The pics show ABBA during the rehearsals and the actual show.


Blogger kitty-cat2006 said...

hi,Ron,one thinig is quite clear from your brill pictures, the genuine frinedhip between Agnetha and Anni-frid, they look so happy and comfortable in each other's company, it makes all these ridiculause hate rumours seem so ridiculouse. and by the way i definately didnt give your site a 1. lol

Gill xx

1:22 PM  
Blogger Ronaldo said...

I know you didn't Gill... lol!
But I agree about the two women: they look very relaxed and at ease with each other!
; -)

10:32 PM  

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