Sunday, February 12, 2006

Two more pictures of ABBA taken on the island in the Stockholm archipello. This one was taken in 1975 when ABBA still had some relaxing time.
After SOS and Mamma Mia became huge hits there was more and more traveling involved to promote their work. Something Agnetha really hated about being in the band. She just wanted to be a housewife and mother.
When this pic was taken she and Bjorn had 2 year old daughter Linda, born in 1973. Frida's children on the other hand were older: son Hans was born in 1963 and daughter Lise-Lotte in 1967.
Benny had two children as well: Peter, born in 1963 and Helene, born in 1965.


Blogger LottaC said...

You need to double check the birth years of Benny and Frida's kids. Hans and Peter were born in 1963, Helene was born in 1965 and Lise-Lotte in 1967.

I love the blog!! The pictures and stories are great!

10:35 AM  
Blogger Ronaldo said...

Yes Lottac you are right: I messed up with Hans; he is indeed born in 1963 and not 1965.
I will adjust this, thanks!
; -)

10:38 PM  

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