Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On the 20th of May 1974 ABBA traveled for a two day visit to Spain. Waterloo was already a number one hit there in the radio chart and in the sales chart it would be a number three hit.
They did appear on a tv show in Madrid called Senoras Y Senores (still taped in black and white) where they performed four songs: Ring Ring (in Waterloo costumes), Waterloo, Honey Honey (with Frida on top of the piano) and Hasta Manana.
The ABBA members did everything asked so during Hasta Manana the boys tried to push a piano into a tent, the girls were inside a tent and there were also rockingchairs and bunkbeds involved...
They also walked up and down some stairs with candles in hand during that same song, as seen in this picture.


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