Sunday, April 02, 2006

Recordings for the Arrival album started at August 4th 1975 when Bjorn and Benny worked on Boogaloo (Dancing Queen) and Tango (Fernando).
Fernando was written for Frida's forthcoming Ensam album and ABBA would record it as well. The song (a big hit worldwide) would end up on various compilations released in 1976 but not on Arrival (except in Australia and New Zealand).
In March 1976 recordings of Number One Number One (Knowing Me Knowing You) started. Sessions would continue until September 3th 1976. It took such a long time because ABBA were on the road all the time for promotion.
The pics show Bjorn and Benny at the Metronome Studios in 1976 with (among others) engineer Michael B. Tretow.


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