Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When ABBA won Eurovision in April 1974 all four ABBA members had left their marks on the Swedish language chart Svensktoppen:
Bjorn had 36 Top 10 hits with the Hootenanny Singers and solo 4, Benny had 7 Top 10 hits with the Hepstars, Frida was in the Top 10 5 times and Agnetha had 15 Top 10 hits.
Bjorn & Benny together added another 5 Top 10 hits and with ABBA they had 3 Top 10 hits so far.
The pics show ABBA in the summer of 1974 all relaxed and ready and eager to add more Top 10 hits in Sweden and all around the world.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In February 1979 ABBA traveled to Leysin in Switzerland to film a tv special.
ABBA was popular in Switzerland and all their thirteen singles so far had been Top 10 hits.
Among these thirteen hits were four number 1's: Waterloo (9 weeks), I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do (5 weeks), Mamma Mia (2 weeks) and Fernando (12 weeks).
Their current single was Chiquitita; this would become an added Top 10 hit ending at number 1 for 2 weeks.
These pics show ABBA as they arrived by plane in Geneva and by helicopter in Leysin on February 14th 1979.
The ABBA magazine (from 1979) reported extensively about the band in Switerland.
(ABBA magazine cover taken from

Sunday, May 28, 2006

After a 2 month tour late 1979 ABBA gave some concerts in Japan and arrived there March 9th 1980.
ABBA was popular in Japan; their last hit was Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! and would spend a total of 26 weeks in the Japanese charts. Dancing Queen had been in the charts for over a year: 55 weeks!
Plus the Japanese ABBA fanclub had more than 30,000 members so the band was in high demand.
These 11 concerts in Japan would become ABBA's last concerts.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

In the autumn of 1979 ABBA did a tour. They gave concerts in Canada and the United States (both for the first time) and Europe.
The first concert was September 13th in Canadian Edmonton and the last concert was November 15th in Irish Dublin.
The first part of the tour was filmed by Swedish television for a special called ABBA In Concert that would air in Sweden on April 7th 1980.
These pictures show Agnetha and Frida during this tour: traveling or back stage but with a paper...

On March 30th ABBA were in the photo studio with their friend photographer Anders Hanser to take pictures for an upcoming ABBA calender.
The ABBA members had not been doing much professionaly except for Frida who had been working on her first English solo album with Phil Collins as producer.
ABBA would get back into the studio some weeks later in early May 1982.
These pictures taken were not only used for the calender but also graced the covers of several singles like the ones shown here all from 1983:
The Day Before You Came (Mexican promo single) and Thank You For The Music from Ireland and France.
(Single pictures taken from Abba4the

Thursday, May 25, 2006

On October 3th 1980 ABBA and their friends and collegues gathered together at the Europa Film studios to take pictures for the new album cover Super Trouper and to film scenes for upcoming videos.
These pictures of the ABBA members all dressed in white among circus artists would also end up on some single covers (like the Happy New Year single here from Portugal) and in magazines and papers all over the world.
(Single picture taken from Abba4the

A few weeks after winning Eurovision ABBA traveled to Holland to do two tv appearances.
One was on the Eddy Go Round show and the other was on Top Pop; one of the most popular youth shows on tv.
ABBA would come back to Top Pop more than a year later with SOS but this time (late April 1974) they performed Waterloo which was already a big hit in Holland.
These pics show ABBA in the Top Pop studios.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Both singles released from The Album hit the number 1 spot in the UK.
First The Name Of The Game in October 1977 for four weeks. And in January Take A Chance On Me for three weeks.
Eagle was not released in the UK but was a Top 10 in Holland, Germany and Switzerland.
The Album went number 1 in the UK when it was released on February 4th and stayed there for 9 weeks.
ABBA went to the UK shortly after the release of The Album and that is were these pics were taken.
Popcorn is a German magazine and the poster is from the Dutch Hitkrant.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In early November ABBA were in London to celebrate The First Ten Years.
They were interviewed for Flavour Of The Month and said some interesting things:
Agnetha on the future: 'I want to continue acting and hopefully get a part in an international film.'
Bjorn on the Dick Cavett special: 'No I don't think it was very good, we want to do something better next time.'
Benny on the other three: 'I think of them all as friends from such a long way back.'
Frida on her and Benny's divorce: 'Now I am happy that Benny took the step. Suddenly my life has opened up once again.'
These pics were taken on November 5th 1982.

Monday, May 22, 2006

In Spain ABBA did not have that many hits: Waterloo was number 3 in April 1974 and it took almost two years for another hit: Fernando on number 3 in March 1976.
Dancing Queen got stuck at number 10 and Knowing Me Knowing You did not get higher than 17.
No singles from The Album where hits but Chiquitita became a double hit: number 1 in January 1979 and the Spanish version reached number 5 four months later.
That same month (May 1979) ABBA were in Madrid to appear in two tv shows to promote their new album. Their single Voulez Vous became a Top 10 (number 9) hit at that time as well.
These pics show ABBA all tight and white at the tv show 300 Milliones performing Does Your Mother Know and at another tv show: Applauso.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

In 1975 ABBA traveled to many countries to appear on tv. Their choice of wardrobe made sure that viewers would not forget them.
Especially the so called catsuits were among the costumes that left an impact on audiences all around the world; he girls' skirts were very short. There were longer skirts to go with these outfits and during some performances these were ripped off to show more leg.
In a tv show in Germany the girls got word that they were not allowed to take the long skirts off: the girls were too sexy for tv!
ABBA posed for many pics in these costumes and the ones here ended up on Greatest Hits albums as were released in France and Belgium in 1975.
(Album pictures taken from

Thursday, May 18, 2006

March 4th 1974 ABBA's second album was released in Sweden: Waterloo.
Hans Fridlund in Expressen newspaper wrote that he was sure it would sell like crazy and it did: in 4 weeks time 125,000 copies of the album were sold!
Fridlund compared the song Suzy-Hang-Around with the Beach Boys claiming that they sing better. The song was sung by Benny (his only solo on an ABBA song) and he had even written the lyrics by himself. A task usually done with Bjorn (and sometimes Stig). In later years it would be Bjorn writing al the lyrics.
These pics show ABBA in all the fashion glory of 1974.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The first song to be recorded for the Arrival album was Dancing Queen; sessions started in September 1975.
In March 1976 sessions continued with Ring It In (Knowing Me Knowing You) and Coachman's Farm (That's Me). The next month recordings started for Happy Hawaii and Why Did It Have To Be Me; two songs with basically the same melody but different lyrics and recordings.
In May work started on Money Money Money and in June recordings started for a song called Rio De Janeiro (When I Kissed The Teacher) followed by I Am The Tiger (Tiger) and Dum Dum Diddle in July.
Last songs to be recorded were My Love My Life and the instrumental Arrival.
These pics show ABBA in the city of Warsaw (Poland) in October 1976 around the time that the Arrival album was released.

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