Saturday, May 06, 2006

ABBA started the recordings for The Story Of My Life (working title for The Winner Takes It All) and Our Last Summer in the first days of June 1980.
Funny is that Frida would have loved to sing The Winner Takes It All and that one of Agnetha's favorite ABBA songs is Our Last Summer!
Bjorn stated that he wrote the lyrics in half an hour while Benny explained that the melody is actually very simple.
The song (released on single July 21st 1980) became a major hit all over the world: number 1 in Belgium, South Africa, UK, Holland and Ireland and a Top 10 hit in countries like Mexico, Italy, USA, Sweden, Australia, Zimbabwe, Finland, France, Spain and Norway.
The pics show ABBA during the photoshoot for the single sleeve in the spring of 1980.


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