Tuesday, May 09, 2006

At the end of April 1978 the ABBA members were interviewed by Mats Olsson for Expressen newspaper and they were more open and frank than ever.
Some quotes from that interview:
Agnetha: 'I find our nice image embarassing. The media created that. We are ordinary people; we can be just as bad as anyone else.'
Bjorn: 'Even if ABBA were to split up Benny and I would keep on working together. I agree that we earn a lot of money but we also pay a lot of tax.'
Benny: 'Swedish folk music and Elvis Presly is where my real musical roots lie. My big dream is to produce John Lennon.'
Frida: 'I have had enough of the negative climate in Sweden especially as far as showbizz is concerned. People seem to be more open outside Sweden which is very stimulating.'
These pics were taken earlier that same month, April 3th 1978, in Stockholm. The Joepie cover is from Belgium.


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