Sunday, May 14, 2006

In the spring of 1977 an article about Agnetha and Frida was published in the Finnish magazine Suosikki and the women talked about their likes and dislikes.
Some things they love...
Agnetha: My daughter and Bjorn, our summer island Viggso, Elton John's music and dinners by candlelight.
Frida: The keyboardplayer of ABBA, sandwiches with pepper, parfumes, videorecorders and sunsets in summer.
Some things they hate...
Agnetha: Unwashed dishes, untuned piano's and the thought that ABBA will quit one day.
Frida: Early wake-ups, bullfights, Swedish authorities and punk rock.
These pics were taken around this time (spring 1977). The single is from the US (1978) and the German magazine is from early 1978.
(Single picture taken from


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