Monday, June 05, 2006

In early March 1976 ABBA went to Australia for the first time where ABBA Mania was in full swing.
They appeared in several tv shows and also taped a tv special called The Best Of ABBA.
When this was broadcasted on March 20th for the first time, it had more viewers than the moonlanding in 1969: 58% of the tv audience watched it!
ABBA performed their hits in front of a studio audience and the show went around the world with some added footage and a new name: ABBA In Australia or ABBA Down Under.
These pictures show ABBA in the studio.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always loved that ABBA Down Under aussie special (haha, see that So Long pic!). They probably really started to be pop icons in Australia from those days. With that famous stage uniforms they wore...
I always wondered about those kinda iridiscent "dancing queen" outfits for instance, were they made of 'moving' glowing velvet or what? Metal? Nice effect by the way..

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