Saturday, June 03, 2006

Recordings for the Waterloo album started as early as September 1973 with a song called Dance (While The Music Still Goes On).
This time (and the only time) it was not Benny on keyboard but an American who was brought into the studio by guitarist Janne Schaffer.
Bjorn and Benny were very pleased with this song although Bjorn felt the title was too long. To call the song just Dance was no option according to him.
The song ended up on the album that was released March 4th 1974 together with the Waterloo single (in Sweden).
These pics show ABBA while promoting Waterloo in the spring of 1974... even posing with Napoleon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These pics of vintage ABBA 74 are just lovely!
I remember a black&white one from this session with Frida making a funny face while intruding her hand into Napoleon's jacket, hehe...

12:51 PM  

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