Sunday, May 31, 2009

ABBA after winning Melodifestivalen, February 1974: who says they were bad dressers? Please click pic to enlarge!
Check out Agnetha being the only one striking a pose... lol!

Bjorn and Benny (also known as Bennybjorn) during ABBA's 1979 tour:
Bjorn during rehearsals and Benny on stage (is he reciting a poem??).

Classic ABBA at the Polar office in 1976.

ABBA's after their pressconference in Sydney, 28 February 1977.
Is Frida trying to order a coffee?

ABBA posing for German Bravo magazine in April 1978.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

ABBA performing Super Trouper on the French tv show Stars, October 1980.

Agnetha and Frida in Brighton after winning Eurovision and a following short night, April 7th 1974.

ABBA at the Polar Studio with French orchestra leader Franck Pourcel (1913-2000) in August 1978.

Freshly separated Agnetha and Bjorn (2 weeks) posing with freshly married Frida and Benny (3 months) in New York City, January 1979.

ABBA filming the TV2 television special in Poland in October 1976.
Check the huge camera!

Erm... how charming... not!
Agnetha having a bad moment on stage in 1977 and Frida is over and done with it in 1982.

Trailer ABBA with two lucky fans during the Swedish tour in the summer of 1975.
The less lucky girl (lol) standing between Bjorn and Benny seems to be biting her lip...

ABBA pretending to be making music in the photostudio (in 1977's tour costumes) in April 1978.
Check those legs...

ABBA in 1974: Waterloo had been a succes but the big break was not there yet.

Friday, May 29, 2009

ABBA during a photoshoot in the summer of 1977. An alternate pic would later end up on the cover of the Take A Chance On Me single (as seen here, from the US), to be released early 1978.
(Single sleeve from

At home in Valentuna in 1974:
Agnetha & Bjorn with Linda playing indoors and Frida & Benny playing another game outdoors.

Not sure why there is no ice cream for Bjorn and Benny and also wondering why there are no sprinkles... ABBA sweet and nicely in white in 1976.

Some private looks at a relaxed Frida and a shady Agnetha in 1981.

ABBA thanking the audience after a show during their last tour in Japan, March 1980.

So who took our clothes?
ABBA not too amused and pleased with all that tin foil in 1975.

A rather moody looking Bjorn with Benny who seems to be making an extra effort during a 1977 photoshoot.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABBA (fashionably with red and white all over the place) caught by fans while spending a day at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm in the summer of 1976.

ABBA's Voulez Vous session in the spring of 1979.
This alternate pose ended up on the Does Your Mother Know single as seen on this one from Equador. Search for the differences between both pics!
(Single sleeve from

ABBA and Australian actor Robert Hughes filming a dreamscene for The Movie near Drottingholm in the summer of 1977.

ABBA all cudly while visiting ABBA loving Holland in October 1976.

On stage: Agnetha in 1975 and Frida (what's that in her hand? a pen??) in 1979.

Before they went by the name ABBA:
Bjorn, Agnetha, Frida and Benny going glam in the summer of 1973.

The girls in blue:
Frida while working on The Movie in the summer of 1977 and Agnetha in Spain in the spring of 1979.

Bye Bye! ABBA (even Agnetha!) ready for take off during their US tour in September 1979.

ABBA during their last photoshoot with Bubi Heilemann, late 1980. Benny seems to be very unhappy at one point...
Note the Super Trouper shirts!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pic of the ABBA members taken by friend Anders Hanser in the spring of 1982. Another shot of this session ended up on the cover of the The Day Before You Came single, released later that year.
(Single sleeve from Japan from

British Airways Agnetha and bra-less Frida enjoying some off time in Australia in 1976. Frida is wondering where on earth her shades are...

ABBA less colourful than usual in 1975 but the girls love Benny's sweater... lol!

That hair...
Redhead Frida looking Fridalicious in the photostudio in 1978 and blonde Agnetha being Agnedorable on stage in 1979.

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