Monday, July 06, 2009

British Airways Agnetha and kinda revealing Frida having some off time in Sydney in March 1977.
Frida is wondering where her shades are... ; )

The recordings for the new album were not going splendid so ABBA were ready for a break in the summer of 1978.

Performing in white:
Agnetha during the ABBA 74/75 tour and Frida on the Olivia tv show in 1978.

Rather goofy looking here but o so very talented: Bjorn and Benny in 1977.

ABBA in 1974 before the big succes needed to start yet. Note Frida's perm really going through the roof... ; )

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Matching coats...
ABBA trying a hand at ice skating in Switserland, February 1979.

Poster girls!
Agnetha and some flowers in 1974 and a well tanned Frida (lol) in 1976.

Another watermark we will just have to ignore: ABBA taking a walk in 1976.

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