Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When the Super Trouper album was released in the UK on November 21st 1980 it had already broken a new record: over 1 million copies had already been sold in pre-sale. No wonder that the album reached the number 1 and stayed put for 9 weeks.
Super Trouper was number 1 in other countries as well like Germany (2 weeks), Mexico (1), Holland (9), Switzerland (12), Zimbabwe (6) and Sweden (7).
It was in the Top 10 in several other countries like: Argentina (number 2), Japan (8), Australia (5), Spain (4) and France (8).
These pics show the ABBA members during the shoot for the cover of the abum, October 3th 1980. The Prive magazine is from Holland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, Ron. I always wanted to see some backstage pics of "Super Trouper" cover & video. They look good, good dresses and the girls look fabolous! Thanks for putting these pics.

See ya,


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